With solutions for Windows®,Linux®, AIX® and IBM®, Vision Solutions (Double-Take) leads the way in keeping systems and applications resilient and available. Whether you need an easier, more reliable disaster recovery solution, want to manage and share data seamlessly between platforms and databases, need a better way to maintain system efficiency, or you need a comprehensive high availability solution for assured 24/7 operations, Vision Solutions has what you’re looking for -including your physical environments, your virtual environments, as well as the cloud.

High Availability - Deliver nonstop business continuity and boost productivity. Innovative, easy to use switching and replication solutions eliminate costly IT downtime.

Disaster Recovery - Protect critical information and recover lost data in a fraction of the time and effort of traditional tape backup solutions.Affordable, automated solutions deliver the power of continuous data protection and the flexibility of in-house or hosted recovery options.

Data Sharing and Migration - Data center consolidation and virtualization initiatives save organizations a great deal of money. Now you can move and share data with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Powerful yet flexible solutions let you unlock the maximum business value of your data.

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